Welcome to PierreBlack.org!

Thanks for visiting my brand new domain and website! There's so much going in my world.  A lot of big news.  I hope the following will get you up to date.

Over the past year or so, final plans have been coming together for a permanent move out of Canada and the launch of my own wellness retreat centre called Somos.  More on that in a moment...

The past year has been about deep internal work; meditation and introspection, and planning and preparation for the big changes that are coming soon.  As a result, I have been quieter in all regards; personally, professionally, and in my reduced online presence.  This has given me greater clarity, vision, as well as the time needed to do the concrete research and planning necessary to get things off to a smooth start once the transition process to Mexico begins. 

Right now i'm seeing clients here in Montreal and looking forward to the joys of this city in the summertime. I love Montreal in the warmest months and i'm really eager for some quality time here, on what will most likely be my last full summer here.

Starting in September things get a little more hectic with 4 full weeks in Japan. It will be a final trip to Shōganji Zen Retreatat least for the foreseeable future, since I plan to be pretty busy with the new project in Mexico for the next few years. This time in Japan will be an opportunity for some personal resetting and internal preparation for the upcoming task. 

As soon as I return to Montreal from Japan, we will be packing up our belongings and getting ready to move to Mexico for November! (2015!).  Yes, that is soon!

Mexico and the Somos project...

It is time to transform knowledge and inspiration into action and substance. Along with my partner Yolaine, the Somos project is a coming together of all of our knowledge and experiences into an integral life and lifestyle, a way of living and being in fullness and harmony. Somos is a living extension of who we are and what we hope to share with others in this life.  We believe its important to make choices and take action that directly and immediately support the changes one wishes to see in the world while also optimizing one's own wellbeing. This brings together enjoyment of life with the imperative to serve others and contribute to a greater whole.

Somos retreat and community is a values-based model for conscious living, balancing personal development and healing with acts of service to a larger whole. It is an integral approach to personal and global wellbeing.

Some key components of the Somos experience will include: Meditation and secular spiritual practice, healthful food and cooking, sustainable ecology and permaculture; yoga, qigong, and other traditional holistic fitness systems; natural and integrative healing, and organic and biodynamic agriculture. We hope to offer a variety of services and activities for non-residents, short and long-term residential stays, volunteer opportunities, and much more. Service to the community will be an integral part of what we do.

Earlier this year we finalized our choice of location for Somos; San Miguel de Allende, in the highlands of central Mexico.  Almost 500 years old, this beautiful and vibrant town is a UNESCO world heritage site thrumming with culture and diversity including a large expat population.  Yolaine and I both feel a strong connection to Latin America, and Mexico in particular, and we feel San Miguel is the perfect place to plant some seeds and see what grows.  We are currently on a search for real estate. While many of the details will be a direct expression of the specific site we acquire, the spirit and intention of Somos is crystal clear...

Watch for the release of the Somos pre-launch website on July 4, 2015!