Shōganji Zen Retreat nightly rate:
JPY 8,500

per night / per person / 2 delicious meals a day included
(convert 8,500 Japanese Yen to $USD  $AUD  EURO   $CDN)

Payments of balance due are generally made in cash once at the retreat. * For additional explanation of this point see our FAQ section.

# of nights  - total cost  - deposit  - balance due
5 nights stay       Y 42,500          Y 5,000        Y 37,500
6 nights stay       Y 51,000          Y 6,000         Y 45,000
7 nights stay       Y 59,500          Y 7,000         Y 52,500
8 nights stay       Y 68,000          Y 8,000        Y 60,000
9 nights stay       Y 76,500          Y 9,000        Y 67,500
10 night stay       Y 85,000          Y 10,000       Y 75,000
11 night stay        Y 93,500          Y 11,000        Y 82,500
12 night stay       Y 102,000        Y 12,000       Y 90,000
13 night stay       Y110,500         Y 13,000        Y 97,000
14 night stay       Y119,000         Y 14,000       Y 105,000

Essential Booking Information

  • 5 night minimum stay requirement for all guests.  *
  • 14-night maximum stay.  *
  • OFF-Site Activities are optional and may involve additional cost.  *
  • Payments of balance are generally made in cash once at the retreat.  *
  • Rates shown are for ONE GUEST, not one room. There is no reduction in cost if you choose to share a room. *

* For additional explanation of these points see our FAQ section.

Rooms are always private in the sense that we never put strangers together in the same room. Although you do have the option to share a room with your travel companion(s) if you choose.

By booking a stay at Shōganji Zen Retreat and choosing to stay at Shōganji Zen Retreat you agree to and consent to the Zen Retreat Waiver of Liability.

Once Your Stay is Confirmed please read and print the following page:  Arrival Day at the Retreat.  It is also a good idea to read: Guest Orientation.

Before making your deposit payment, please be sure that you have followed all the steps on the 'Book Your Stay' page of the Zen Retreat website. Please direct all inquiries here:

Zen Retreat Deposit Payment

Deposits are non-refundable and are limited to the dates confirmed at the time of the deposit. We try our best to accommodate necessary changes to your itinerary or modifications to your travel plans, however we cannot guarantee that your preferred dates, should you request a change, will be available. 

Deposit is 11.76% of total stay cost.  There are no additional fees or taxes.