Three continents, 3 sacred resinwoods...


The past year has been an intense travel year, but along the way, I have had the good fortune of meeting some amazing healers and managed to source some incredibly fresh ingredients. As usual, my very best products typically arise from lucky encounters with the right people and raw ingredients of supreme quality. You might even say that the ingredients find me.

I spent a few months studying in the Tulum area, Mexico, where I again connected with the local Mayan resin harvesters and sourced some superb Gold Bursera Copal resin. A few kilos of the honey-coloured beauty imbued my luggage with its sublime scent.

Then off to Asia for another three month Zen meditation stint at my spiritual home Shoganji Zen retreat, southern Japan. The trees found me. I investigated the uses and indications for Japanese Cypress resin and essential oil sourced some fine, crisp, and bright wildcrafted essential oil. 

I also just happened to have in reserve a small amount of the worlds best frankincense, the deep red resin of B.Carteri from Somalia. A friend of mine is directly involved in the sustainable wild harvesting of this dwindling resource. This would be the perfect addition to balance the scent and round out the medicinal effects of this therapeutic blend.

Satisfied with my perfect harvest I blended and bottled the oil in "Buddha house" of Shoganji Zen retreat.

TREE OF LIFE, 3 sacred resin, Ayurvedic Treatment Oil.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 10.57.22 AM.png

Handcrafted limited edition by Naturopath, Pierre Black, at Shoganji Zen Retreat, Saganoseki, Kyushu, Japan.

Ingredients: >20% pure Gold Mexican Bursera Copal whole resin, B. Carterii fine Somali Frankincense whole resin, wildcrafted Japanese cypress essential oil, pure vitamin E, Italian grapeseed oil. 

Aroma description: Complex warm woody scent; topnotes of conifers, honey, and beeswax, with hint of bright hardwood and the unmistakable background notes of fine frankincense.

For Treatment Massage: Used traditionally for the amelioration of all types of pain, inflammatory skin conditions, physical or mental trauma, anguish, depression, anxiety, and spiritual malaise. Apply generously anywhere on the body, head, or face; avoiding the eyes and mouth. Leave the oil in contact with the skin as long as possible, optimally overnight, before washing off. 

Facial Treatment: Deeply hydrating, toning, and regenerating to facial skin. Apply generously to the face and neck, and even the ears and scalp if you like, leaving on overnight. 

Dilution: May be diluted up to 10x with additional grapeseed oil or other suitable massage oil base at your own discretion. Medicinal effects may become less pronounced with dilution.

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Other indications: May aid in the treatment and healing of acne, psoriasis, eczema, fungal infections, dandruff, minor skin injuries, minor skin infections, all inflammatory skin conditions, etc. (Not for use or serious, open, or fresh wounds or infections.)

What is an "Ayurvedic Thailam"?
While studying Ayurveda (the traditional medicine system of India) in Kerala, I had the opportunity to directly experience the blending and use of traditional Ayurvedic "thailams" or treatment massage oils. I was surprised and impressed by how densely medicinal the oils were and how they, to my surprise, were easily and directly absorbed through the skin. Far beyond the effects of ordinary "massage oil", these traditional Ayurvedic thailams were something completely novel in terms of efficacy. 


Notes, cautions, and disclaimer.

Shake gently before use. Some separation of the product may occur since it's so densely packed with active ingredients.

Please take care: As with any natural product, allergic sensitivity or reaction is possible. Always test for 24 hours on a small area of skin before use. Not for use during pregnancy. No medical or health claims are made regarding this product. May stain certain fabrics or furniture. Disclaimer and copyright apply to this product and its description. 

Made at in 2018. Best if used before end of 2019.