Vanilla Frankincense Balm with Shea Butter - Intensive Total Skin Care

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Pierre Black's INTENSIVE CARE Frankincense & Vanilla Healing Balm 50g

Back by popular demand, the luxurious scent of real organic vanilla essential oil and wild harvested Indian black frankincense combined in a silky shea butter balm. You asked for a larger size - so here its is. Formulated with only the finest medicinal and aromatic ingredients for real effects and an incredible scent.

I don’t take any short cuts on ingredient quality! Only the best ingredients are packed into this product!

Many natural products on the market for intensive skin care and healing are not made with completely natural ingredients or do not have enough of the right ingredients to actually have a medicinal effect. My INTENSIVE CARE Frankincense & Vanilla Healing Balm is packed with real, powerful medicinals that actually work!

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ORGANIC VANILLA essential oil

Many people don’t realize that vanilla is not just a delicious aroma for the kitchen but also a powerful medicine. It has been used traditionally to speed skin healing, rejuvenate the skin, calm and sooth the nervous system, as a powerful anti-inflammatory, and to promote healthy respiration, sleep, and liver function.

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Frankincense is one of the most revered medicines of the ancient world. While its sacred and evocative scent has wafted through temples and sacred sites across cultures and around the world for all of recorded history, it has also served as a medicine for mind and body. The aroma is psychoactive, having a measurable effect on brain frequency, promoting calm and focus, and a sense of wellbeing. It is also said to improve memory and “wisdom”. Frankincense applied to the skin is a powerful antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and promotes accelerated healing and rejuvenation.


Shea butter is a creamy oil that has been extracted from nut of the African shea tree. High concentrations of beneficial fatty acids and nutrients make shea butter an ideal base ingredient for skin care products. Shea butter also has anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties, low comedogenicity, and a natural SPF 5+. Best of all it feels amazing on your skin; soothing, protecting, and nourishing needy skin with nothing artificial.

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Pierre Black's INTENSIVE CARE Frankincense & Vanilla Healing Balm

Apply Pierre Black's INTENSIVE CARE Frankincense & Vanilla Healing Balm liberally anywhere on skin for amelioration of dryness, irritation, inflammatory skin conditions, acne, chapped lips, minor injuries & burns, tattoo aftercare, or as a nourishing rejuvenating treatment for facial skin.

Remove a portion of the salve as needed and soften before application by rubbing and warming between the fingertips or palms.

Ingredients: organic shea butter, wild harvested Indian black frankincense oil, organic vanilla oil, vitamin e. And nothing else.

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"Every ingredient has a story. I personally source exotic and inspiring botanicals from around the world to create my exclusive, small-batch, natural healing products. My very best formulations typically arise from personal, often chance encounters, with unique and exciting ingredients during my travels around the world. I create a new product only when I am truly inspired to do so, and only when I have acquired the very best ingredients. It is my intention to honour the legacy of each of the herbs and medicines I utilize and create a truly effective product. My creations are real, powerful, and completely natural. I seek to create products that work, as well as a feast for the senses." - Pierre Black

Disclaimer: As with any natural product, allergic sensitivity is possible. Always test for 24 hours on a small area of skin before use. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Generally considered safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, however, we make no claims or guarantees in that regard. No medical or health claims are made regarding this product. May stain certain fabrics or furniture. For medical emergencies or serious wounds, bleeding, or infections; seek medical attention as soon as possible. Disclaimer and copyright apply to this product and its description: