How to book you stay at GyateiJi Zen Retreat, Hiji, Japan.

STEP 1: Inquire about availability of your preferred dates. If available we will confirm and place your dates on hold for 24 hours.

STEP 2: Send us the completed questionnaire below.

STEP 3: Pay your deposit using the link provided. We will then send you a confirmation email within 24 hours.

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GyaTeiJi Zen Retreat nightly rate: JPY 10,000

Y10,000 per night / per person / 3 delicious meals a day included / 5-night minimum stay.
(convert 10,000 Japanese Yen to $USD  $AUD  EURO  $CDN)

Deposit is Y1000 per night or 10% of total stay cost.  There are no additional fees or taxes.

Before making your deposit payment, please be sure that you have already confirmed the availability of your preferred dates at

The balance due should be paid directly to the retreat
in cash, in person, at the time of your stay. Please do not pay it in advance. See the chart below for exact amounts corresponding to the length of your stay. Common questions regarding our payment policies are also answered below.

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Essential Booking Information

  • 5 night minimum stay requirement for all guests.

  • 30-night maximum stay. Longer stays considered upon request.

  • OFF-Site Activities are optional and may involve additional cost.

  • Payments of balance are generally made in cash once at the retreat.

  • Rates shown are for ONE GUEST, not one room. There is no reduction in cost if you choose to share a room.

Rooms are always private in the sense that we never put strangers together in the same room. Although you do have the option to share a room with your travel companion(s) if you choose.

Refunds or Changes to booking: Deposits are non-refundable and are limited to the dates confirmed at the time of the deposit. We try our best to accommodate necessary changes to your itinerary or modifications to your travel plans, however we cannot guarantee that your preferred dates, should you request a change, will be available. 

Enjoy your stay!

GyaTeiJi Zen Retreat Deposit Payment:

A. Enter PayPal secure payment platform by clicking CONFIRM YOUR STAY button below.
B. Select the correct number of nights you plan to stay times the number of guests attending once you have entered the PayPal system.
C. Follow the prompts and enter your payment information.

Payment Chart

# of nights     -    total cost   -    deposit    -   balance due
5 nights stay      Y 50,000        Y 5,000        Y 45,000
6 nights stay      Y 60,000        Y 6,000       Y 54,000
7 nights stay      Y 70,000         Y 7,000        Y 63,000
8 nights stay      Y 80,000         Y 8,000       Y 72,000
9 nights stay      Y 90,000         Y 9,000       Y 81,000
10 night stay       Y 100,000      Y10,000      Y90,000
11 night stay        Y 110,000        Y11,000        Y99,000
12 night stay       Y120,000        Y12,000       Y108,000
13 night stay       Y130,000        Y13,000       Y117,000
14 night stay       Y140,000        Y14,000       Y126,000
15 night stay      Y150,000         Y15,000       Y135,000
16 night stay      Y160,000         Y16,000      Y144,000
17 night stay      Y170,000         Y17,000       Y153,000
18 night stay      Y180,000         Y18,000      Y162,000
19 night stay      Y190,000         Y19,000      Y171,000
20 night stay     Y200,000        Y20,000     Y180,000
21 night stay      Y210,000         Y21,000      Y189,000
22 night stay     Y220,000         Y22,000    Y198,000
23 night stay     Y230,000         Y23,000     Y207,000
24 night stay     Y240,000         Y24,000     Y216,000
25 night stay     Y250,000         Y25,000     Y225,000
26 night stay     Y260,000         Y26,000     Y234,000
27 night stay     Y270,000         Y27,000      Y243,000
28 night stay     Y280,000         Y28,000      Y252,000
29 night stay     Y290,000         Y29,000      Y261,000
30 night stay     Y300,000         Y30,000      Y270,000

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Guest Application Questionnaire

Complete the application below for each guest or family.
Please cut and paste and email us the completed questionnaire at
We will get back to you, usually within 24 hours, and confirm your stay.

Guest Name(s):
Country of Residence:
Nationality (passport/citizenship):
Passport number(s):
Telephone number(s) (at home, intl cellphone, or in Japan):
Languages spoken:
Previous Experience with Buddhism or Meditation (not required):
Personal expectations from your stay (not required):
Duration of Stay: 00 nights
Preferred dates of stay: checkin date:           Checkout date:
Dietary restrictions or preferences:
Health Issues/Medical Conditions:
Emergency Contact:

Common Questions about Zen Retreat payment policies

Q: Paying The Balance In Full: When do I pay the balance of my stay? Do I need to pay the whole balance in cash on arrival?

A: We suggest that you make some substantial part of your payment in Japanese cash on arrival, but you can pay the rest as you go, at any time during your stay. We're happy to help get you to an ATM when you need one. Just ask. We'll make it happen.

(USE the chart above to determine the exact balance due at the time of your stay.)


Q: Paying In Foreign Currency: Do you accept payment in dollars or other foreign currency?

A: We definitely prefer Japanese Yen, in cash, as payment, however, foreign currency can be exchanged at a nearby bank, or you can simply withdraw Yen at an ATM. We suggest that if you need to exchange foreign currency, that you do so in Oita or Fukuoka, not at a smaller bank near the retreat. You will get much better and faster service.


Q: Paying Your Balance in YEN: Where can I obtain Japanese Yen to make payment for my stay?

A:  "International" ATMs can be found at Post offices and some other locations, where you can easily use most foreign debit cards and major credit cards to withdraw Japanese currency. We can easily drive you to one of these machines if necessary. For stays of more than a few days, please take your daily or weekly withdrawal limits into account when planning your payment(s).


Q: Full Payment In Cash: Why do you prefer payments in cash (Japanese Yen)?

A:  Two reasons: 1) Temples in Japan traditionally receive payments and donations in cash.  2) The retreat is a micro-business with a very personal touch and a small number of guests.  Cash keeps things simple for us and lowers costs for everyone.


Q: Electronic/Online Payments In Full: What if I absolutely need to make full payment for my stay in advance; electronically, or by credit card? (For example; if someone else who will not be attending will be paying for your stay such as a parent, employer, or family member.)

A:  We understand that electronic prepayment may sometimes be necessary.
The only option offered at this time is PayPal to
You must request permission in writing before making full payment for your stay by PayPal. Please pay in Japanese Yen by selecting the correct currency on PayPal. Do not pay in other currency as the conversion will be imprecise. PayPal charges us extra fees and these fees will be passed on to you. Please ask us beforehand and we will let you know your total with the additional fees added.

Alternately, we could accept an international money order or certified cheque, but these forms of payment must be completely cleared by the source financial institution before your stay begins.

Visit the GyaTeiJi Zen Retreat website here for additional information.