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"Beyond just the physical there's the mental side to getting better, healthier and stronger. For that I look to my friend Pierre Black, who's been in my life for almost 22 years now. Pierre has helped me get through the post-cancer and post-surgery challenges, while always maintaining a positive focus on my life, through better nutrition and better ways of thinking.  I like the word shaman, but you should try giving Pierre a call and decide for yourself." -EN, Montreal

“Our session gave me a lot of focus, peace and strength.”
– SK, Switzerland

"Feels gooood… Thanks Pierre! Inspired, motivated, vivified, energized…"
-BW, Montreal

"To be honest I didn't believe in 'energy healing' until I met you Pierre."  – KZ, Montreal

"…After only 30 minutes [with Pierre] I cannot explain how good it felt to be understood without saying a word.  9 months of counselling wasn’t nearly as helpful. "   – JC, Montreal

“I managed to go into a deep meditation, and he put his hands lightly on different parts of me, which went cold and warm, and sometimes felt as if currents were moving through them.  …Coming out of the session 45 minutes later, I felt like I’d just run a marathon.”
-Excerpt from a client’s blog on an energy work session with Pierre Black.  

"... one of the best assets in my health tool kit. No mumbo jumbo, all caring and knowledge. You changed my life numerous time my friend: Through guided meditation, Craniosacral therapy and anti inflammatory nutrition overhaul. I will be forever grateful to you."  – VTP, Montreal

"...with your advice and encouragement, I have radically changed my diet and my mindset. I feel physically and emotionally equipped to take on this disease and just about any other that comes my way. ...I have spent the last four years in and out of doctor’s offices and hospitals hoping to find some relief from the debilitating pain, fatigue, discomfort and unpredictability of endometriosis. I am eternally grateful for the time you have invested in teaching me how to heal myself..."   – TI, Medellin, Colombia

“…I can really feel that this was the boost I needed to connect my heart and my head. It’s hard to integrate lessons of love when you’re so in pain… thank you for all your help and changing my life. Much love.”    – AS, Montreal

“Felt inspired, motivated and best of all…understood. Some questions I had for years were answered…not to mention the healthy hot chocolate was great! Felt great and hope restored…Thank You”  – DS, Montreal

"Dude, seriously, you’re a drug!  Every freaking time I talk to you I walk away with a bounce in my step. Whatever it was – the talking, or the energy, or whatever – thank you!"
– EAN, Montreal

"Pierre has been a trusted source of advice for many years, but a couple of months ago I went to him with a specific issue: hypertension. He had it sorted out in a couple of months, and I’m so grateful for not having had to go with big pharma to solve this problem."  – Brian S, BC

“It’s like for the past few months my brain and heart stopped communicating… I feel like you’ve shifted me back to my natural state that I haven’t been operating on lately. One that feels happier, calmer, lighter.”         – DBO, Montreal

"Thank you for changing my life forever Pierre. You have given me the tools needed to live a better, healthier, happier life. By teaching me about the right foods for me, and complimenting it with the right supplements, I am now in the best shape of my life.  I have shed pounds, gained energy, and cleansed my body with your help. I would not have been able to do it without your guidance and wise words of encouragement. You have so much knowledge in so many different areas.  Keep up the amazing work. The world needs you."
– VS, Montreal

"Pierre… I want to thank you again for your help. I felt so desperate a few days ago, and now I have some tangible practices that seem to be helping, so this is very, very good!"
– JH, Vancouver

"For many years Pierre has been my first source of guidance in health and general wellness.  I have come to have unflinching confidence in his ability to assess and advise on the best choices for me; from nutrition suited to my body and it’s constitution, to referrals to respected body-work practitioners, and supervision of my supplement program.  With knowledge in many modalities, I appreciate his ability to make lifestyle suggestions that are realistic and manageable for the given moment."
– JGC, Vancouver

“Thank you so much Pierre! Before seeing Pierre my own doctor just kept adding more and more medication to add to the collection to see what could try and help my fibromyalgia. Pierre changed my ideas that there was no help for me. Working with my diet and what my body can do has made a difference in how productive I am in a day.”
– MG, Montreal

"Just got home from [Pierre Black’s] ‘Soup of Life’ Workshop, and am so glad I went. Tons in information about nutrition and food shopping, inspiring ideas for spicing up my own soups, and a chance to spend some time with Pierre – Thank you for a great evening Pierre!"
– Karen W, Montreal

"Pierre, I wanted to let you know that I’m feeling great. I’ve been taking the [herbs you suggested] everyday.  I ran a half marathon two weeks ago in 1hour 37 minutes, which was 10 minutes faster than my last one. I’ll let you know how the marathon goes as well. I think you totally rock…"
– TC, Seoul, Korea

"Hi Pierre, …Your influence on my eating and health has been significant. The [personalized meal supplement] powder worked so well that I have been having it for breakfast every single day without fail since then!  I now weigh 77kg down from an average of 82kg. … I also think I consciously think about Hot/Cold type foods whenever I eat. …"
– JF, Australia

"I’ve had a lot of health issues for years, including digestive, sleep issues, anxiety, insecurity, sexual issues, and family problems. Pierre helped with all of these … he works on multiple levels … my life has completely changed direction. I feel healthier, and I now know how to create balance in my life, but most importantly, I feel more emotionally healthy and confident. I treasure his presence in my life."
– MB, Montreal

"Pierre, I have been to A LOT of other natural health practitioners in the past, as well as doctors, and for the first time I feel that I have finally been heard…   …I feel like you get it, and get me…"
-BP, Montreal

"I chose to see Pierre Black because I knew he would see and hear what most people I’ve met in the health industry cannot see and hear, and because what I needed was an openness and a new way to think about health!  I found it with Pierre Black. I have no hesitation in recommending his help for any health issue."
-MH, Montreal

"Pierre, I just finished drinking my daily concoction [custom meal replacement] …. I’ve been following your advice and watching what I eat and so far have lost 10 pounds in under 2 weeks!"
– DJ, Montreal

"Pierre Black is a warm, welcoming and receptive practitioner.  He truly listens to the needs of his clients and successfully offers guidance for their particular situation rather than to prescribe according to generalities.  His diet and supplement changes have improved my quality of life dramatically.  I have had so much more energy since I’ve started following his advice for healthy living.  I can’t recommend Pierre highly enough."
– RZ, Montreal

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